18. XPOSED queer film festival Berlin

XPOSED is back for another festival of queer cinema. We take space to offer space, and we take space to make space: to and for you, to and for the filmmakers. We witness, grief, and protest the events unfolding globally and locally. We make space for the filmmakers who share with us their stories, visions, and interventions, and we offer space for you to watch, listen, and feel. Loss is prevalent, and the grief it evokes is present through many of our films. How can we grieve for others and ourselves, by ourselves and in community? How do we connect on a deeper level? How do we exist beyond this body – in memory, in digital data, in others? How can we shift from individual suffering to collective healing? With rituals, performances, essays, and fiction, the films in this year’s program explore these questions with visual poetry. Some return to the former aesthetics of the 1990s in the millennium‘s nostalgic trip: the 8-bit video game, the arcade, the old familiar technological sounds. Through the lens of nostalgia, they create a new sense of belonging.  The aesthetics of “glitch”, either cinematic or narrative, reclaim the holes left by memory or history. And we, with XPOSED, claim space, which we hope to share with you.