Let’s skip it, let’s keep it

„Let’s skip it. Let’s keep it. is a relaxed lecture-performance collaboration between Jeanna Kolesova, Victoria Sarangova, Kira Schmyreva. Through fluid sharing they highlight and carefully investigate intersections between personal experiences as well as between historical events. They aim to navigate the traumas, longings, and dreams that transcend generations, leaving imprints on both human and non-human bodies and landscapes.

Two day relaxed workshop “Divergent Dreams” takes place as a part of the lecture-performance. Under regimes and their eugenic aims, lives face constrained aspirations and control even over their dreaming. Dissident human and non-human lives resist and diverge from this control. The participants are invited to share their divergent experiences and how they shape personal and collective dreams, hopes, and memories.

Image description:This is a black and white graphic depicting two human torsos with their hands on the right side of the image, stacked vertically and reproducing the same hand movement. Their right hands are pouring soil into their left hands, which appears to be pouring the soil away. Below the torsos are multiple small and larger close-up images of the soil being poured away.

On the left side of the image are two sentences. The white text at the top reads: ‚Let’s skip it.‘ The black text at the bottom reads: ‚Let’s keep it.