Collage by elena rose light. Fan-Yu Pu photographed by Hemansingh Lutchmun, Trans Practices for Everyday Life, June 2022; Mary Edwards Walker photographed c. 1912, retrieved from the United States Library of Congress.

”A world without trans people has never existed and never will.”

From June 21 to 23, Trans/generations transforms Berliner Ringtheater into a space for community building across generations of transgender existence. Hosted by a team of trans and genderqueer performing artists (elena rose light with Cristina Leoni-Osion, Alice Nogueira, and Jäckie Rydz), the three-day performance/workshop emphasizes body-based practices and ritual for connecting with trans life—past, present, and future. We will build an altar for our trans-cestors, engage in somatic practices for surviving our political present, and dream up speculative fictions for our futures. People of all gender identities, ages, and backgrounds are invited to join us in centering trans people and practices throughout the weekend.