TRAP | Queer Active Art Reading Performance

Olympia Bukkakis
Ariel Nil Levy
Laurean Wagner
Lisa Spears

Buch und Regie: Bogdan Georgescu

TRIGGER WARNING! We perform directly, openly, and transparently about „the drug that if you quit, everyone thinks you have a problem“. TRIGGER WARNING!

John drinks. John likes to drink. More than some, certainly less than others, but they have a feeling that things may have gotten out of hand, or at least that’s what other people have told them, and John is having second thoughts. The fall lasts, and John splits hairs for as long as they can, 75 minutes, to figure out if they can get on with their plan. Or do they have a problem? John hits a wall. A flood. A ceiling. John thinks. John is an alcoholic. What does John do?

Auf die Performances folgt ein Gespräch mit dem Publikum.